Alumni Profiles

BGSP’s students and graduates come from all over the world, with a tremendous diversity of academic backgrounds, life experiences, and cultural heritage. But they all share two things in common: curiosity about the human condition, and the courage to explore it.

They share the stories of their journeys and successes here.

  • Michael Birnkrant, PsyaD, LMHC
    “I look forward to growing a successful independent private practice as a psychoanalyst and to continuing my journey to learn more about the deepest mysteries of the human condition.”
  • R. Danielle Egan, PsyaD, PhD,
    “As a professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies at St. Lawrence University, I have written about and taught psychoanalytic ideas for a long time.”
  • Tracy D. Galloway, MA, Esq
    “As a divorce litigator, I am continuously immersed in the profound emotions of clients…”
  • Rana Homayouni, MA
    “BGSP has provided me with a space to better understand myself and by extension, understand my patients better.”
  • Brian T. Jones, MA
    “The most gratifying thing about BGSP is the level of strength they give you as a clinician.”
  • Joon ho Lee, PsyaD, Cert. Psya, NCPsyA
    “I came to Boston from South Korea in February, 2005 to enroll in the master’s program.”
  • Pan Li, MA
    “Through my experiences studying modern psychoanalysis, I have started to understand what a "transformative experience" really means, and I feel it on a daily basis.”
  • Claudia Sheftel Luiz, PsyaD, Cert. Psya, EdM
    “After training at BGSP, while enjoying a successful private practice and raising two daughters with my husband, I started writing an advice column for The Daily News Transcript called “Claudia Confidentially.””
  • Mary Massaro, MS, NCPsyA
    “Becoming a part of the BGSP doctoral program has allowed me to continue to contribute to my field.”
  • Ranjana Mayar, MA
    “The journey of maturation and self-awareness has taken me to new understanding of my own emotional and mental states, which I am able to take with me into the therapy room to understand my patients.”
  • Chris Panetta, MA
    “I signed up for an introductory course and was fascinated by the unique style of process learning that BGSP implements.”
  • Gabriela Pérez-Gil del Valle, MA
    “In Mexico City where I am from, I had been trained as a Humanistic Gestalt and Existential therapist and had been working for quite a while as a psychologist.”
  • Silvia Pomares, MA
    “BGSP provides you with a learning experience that, starting with your own personal development, gives you deep understanding of personality theory and its implications for practice.”
  • Robin Rayford, MALLP
    “I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Accelerated Doctor of Psychoanalysis Program.”
  • Judith Sanditen, PsyD, PsyaD
    “A colleague directed me to The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis where I discovered supervisors interested in the ability to study and understand the patient’s unconscious motivation and resistances.”
  • Sarah Smith, PsyaD, LMHC
    “I graduated from BGSP's Masters in Psychoanalytic Counseling program in 2010 and went on to earn two years of post-masters experience working as an out-patient clinician for Arbour Counseling and the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy.”
  • Frederick Stecker, DMin, PsyaD
  • Junichi Torigoe, PsyaD, NCPsyA
    “In addition to my private practice, I’m working as an associate professor teaching twelve courses per week.”
  • Cyriesse Williams, MA
    “…the real benefits of the program manifested once I began working in the field. I noticed I was able to tolerate and manage more difficult emotional experiences with my clients than other practicing clinicians.”
  • Qingshuang Wu, MA
    “When facing the most difficult clinical situations, the theories and techniques of modern psychoanalysis often surprise me by how they resolve my patients’ destructive impulses and leads to constructive progress.”