Alumni Profiles

Judith Sanditen | PsyD, PsyaD


After I finished my doctorate in psychology, I searched to find supervision for my clinical work. I had been in a number of internships in the Psy. D. The supervisions in the internships for the most part were focused on symptom reduction or problem solving to reduce symptoms. Other supervision centered on applying a theoretical model to patients. I wanted to be able to sit with patients and hear them without superimposing a theoretical model onto them. A colleague directed me to The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis where I discovered supervisors interested in the ability to study and understand the patient’s unconscious motivation and resistances. While modern psychoanalysis is a theoretical model, it allows for the patient to express, verbalize, and articulate feelings.

As I studied my patients, I became more interested in their motivation and their resistances. I began taking courses offered by the school which expanded my breath of knowledge. Also, the process teaching allowed for a further exploration of how theoretical studies were metabolized with my own psychological dynamics. One of the many things I learned at BGSP is how personal understanding of myself is intertwined with clinical work. I began learning more about myself and reflecting on my own feelings and unconscious process that seemed essential for clinical work. While challenging, I have been very satisfied with my BGSP experiences.