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Psychoanalysis at Work in Public Schools

Twenty years ago, faculty member Joan White decided to bring modern psychoanalysis into the public schools. “The emotional demands made on teachers by their work can be overwhelming,” says Dr. White. “Children who come to school with emotional problems are still expected to perform at grade level. But their feelings get in the way of their learning.” Violence, racism, drugs, non-cooperation, inattentive, and provocative behavior are among the challenges confronting teachers. “And the teachers,” she reports, “take it personally.” They can be left feeling hopeless, frustrated, angry, and helpless. [Read More]

CBT or Psychodynamic Therapy

By William Sharp. Which is better?  I hear this question a lot, and the ultimate answer is: it depends. Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short term (often 12 session) approach to treatment that encourages changing your thinking, in order to change your feelings and behaviors.  Psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapy is usually longer term work, as it is based on more than just the stated symptoms someone walks into treatment with.  [Read More]

Psychoanalysis – It’s All Emotional

When it comes to helping people improve their mental health, many therapists are trained to keep a certain distance between themselves and those they are working with. They are told to maintain an emotional barrier and work hard to never cross it.

This approach is important for keeping strong boundaries when people need them.  However, oftentimes when therapists suppress the feelings that arise in the therapy, they miss out on major opportunities to address the root causes of the persistent emotional struggles. [Read More]