Alumni Profiles

Qingshuang Wu | MA

Graduate of the Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling program*


After spending years in business and tech industries, I found myself needing to re-prioritize authenticity and integrity. I also found a new curiosity in the workings of the human mind. This led me to psychoanalysis.

Studying at BGSP has been a valuable experience. Process learning happens not only in the classroom, group supervisions, and training analysis, but even in casual discussion in the hallway. This has expanded my heart and mind in new ways. It gave me an appreciation for each patient’s character and lent me insight into the obstacles in their way to maturation and satisfaction. When facing the most difficult clinical situations, the theories and techniques of modern psychoanalysis often surprise me by how they resolve my patients’ destructive impulses and leads to constructive progress.

I always find wisdom and inspiration in the BGSP community. I am working in the field after completing the Master’s program, and I am continuing my training in the Doctoral program to become a psychoanalyst.


*This degree is now entitled Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling