Alumni Profiles

Liam Johansson | MA

Graduate,  Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

BGSP’S psychodynamically-oriented master’s program offered me a valuable opportunity to study and learn the specific approach to therapy I want to practice. My BGSP experience was characterized by great supervision, thoughtful and unique classmates, process-oriented classes, and really interesting readings. I really appreciated the diversity of age, life experience, background, and interests of my classmates. I also appreciated that professors had a wealth of clinical experience to share and draw from. Everyone had something unique to offer, and everyone’s voice was valued.

BGSP also provided me with an exceptional training experience. I think the additional analytic supervision requirement and the fieldwork experience really helped provide me with extra preparation.

I am currently working as a clinician at a residential treatment program for children. Throughout my internship and now at my job, I feel I’ve been very well prepared, especially to deal with the challenging emotions that are often stirred up in such an intense environment. Ideally, I hope to go on to private practice while also potentially teaching or holding a leadership position at an agency. I also like the idea of providing supervision to younger clinicians down the road.