Alumni Profiles

Pan Li | MA

Graduate, Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling*

My passion for mental health began with my work as a mindfulness-based therapist in China, where I had a variety of experiences working with adults, children, couples and families, refugees, and adoptees. Exposure to Buddhism and Daoism culture gave me the philosophical thinking of what makes each individual who they are. Mindfulness introduced me to the basics of a different feeling state, but I was not completely satisfied with it. After trying multiple therapy techniques, I realized that psychoanalysis was exactly the tool that I was looking for to understand more in-depth of every individual’s emotional suffering.

Upon completing my master’s in BGSP mental health counseling program, I enrolled in the clinical doctorate program without hesitation. Through my experiences studying modern psychoanalysis, I have started to understand what a “transformative experience” really means, and I feel it on a daily basis. BGSP provides us with a family-like environment to explore, to experience, to grow, to heal, and to regress when needed. I have never had such an experience anywhere else.

*This degree is now entitled Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling