Alumni Profiles

Mary Massaro | MS, NCPsyA

Current Student in the Accelerated Doctor of Psychoanalysis program


I am a certified psychoanalyst, as well as a fellow and workshop presenter at ACAP. I have taught workshops for the TRS program, a division of ACAP, conducted trainings for Grotta Grant Fund, Joining Forces, and many outreach programs on behalf of ACAP. I am also an Executive Director for Balanced Health Systems: consultant to major corporations and school districts for topics such as pain management, wellness, stress management, productivity and group team effectiveness. I additionally serve as director of the Stress Management, Wellness, and Parenting Institutes at Long Island University. I have authored a chapter in the book, “Walking in Two Worlds: Self Relations in Theory, Practice and Community”; and “From Silence: Selected Poems”.

I also maintain a private practice using a combination of mind/body integrative therapies, modern psychoanalysis, and self-relations therapy.  I am certified in Eriksonian Hypnotherapy; Rational-Emotive Therapy; Stress Management Education, and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). I am on the National Board of Directors of the American Association of Pain Management Centers; a Fellow of the American Academy of Pain Management and an adjunct faculty member at Long Island University, Post Campus.

Lifelong learning has been my passion. Becoming a part of the BGSP doctoral program has allowed me to continue to contribute to my field. My hope is to develop new skill sets to apply in clinical practice as well as teaching. My intention is to elevate and enhance my learning at a higher level of academic rigor. The accelerated doctoral program at BGSP spoke to my goals and served as a catalyst to pursue my ongoing collegial learning. Traveling from New Jersey to Boston every other week has been challenging, and at the same time, all of the faculty, staff, and fellow students have made the experience very rewarding. It has proven to be a perfect match for me to participate in as I enhance my education.