Alumni Profiles

Daniel Moreno Flórez | MA, LMHC

Graduate,  Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling*

After I completed my training as a psychologist in my home country of Colombia, I found myself wanting to broaden my perspective of psychoanalysis beyond the Latin American lens through BGSP’s master’s Program. Being at BGSP was an insightful and therefore challenging experience. The classroom dynamics and discussions allowed a space for both emotional and intellectual stimulation that I found unique to the school. The fact that classes are run as process groups makes a substantial difference in training. The quality of supervision is one of the most positive aspects of studying at BGSP. 

After graduating, I was able to pursue different career paths, ranging from work at a substance use clinic to inpatient pediatric psychiatry. Most recently, I have been working at the Counseling and Mental Health Services Clinic at Harvard University and opened my own private practice. Training at BGSP has been helpful in learning to work with challenging patients and managing overall difficult clinical situations. As an immigrant clinician, I also found the BGSP training helpful in approaching the patient population in the US and its particularities regarding mental health treatment. 

I plan to continue expanding my private practice and train to become a psychoanalyst someday. Continuing to publish clinical articles also remains a personal interest, and I hope to teach psychoanalytic theory and technique in the future.


*This degree is now entitled Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling