Alumni Profiles

Minjee Park | MA

Current Student,  Doctor of Psychoanalysis

Prior to starting my graduate studies at BGSP, I worked with children based on psychodynamic play therapy. I am now in the doctoral program studying psychoanalysis. I have been in personal therapy which used other types of therapeutic methods (CBT, DBT, mindfulness) and this ultimately led me to develop an interest in psychoanalysis. I discovered that BGSP offers a modern psychoanalytic perspective, which I hoped to learn more about in order to have more clinical experiences with patients on a deeper level.  

As part of the doctoral program, working in the Therapy Center has given me the chance to work with patients and receive support from clinical supervision every other week. 

Of the classes I have taken, I have most enjoyed the “Therapy Center Seminar.” I have enjoyed group discussions about the readings mostly based on theories, but also connecting to individual clinical cases. These discussions help me to understand the basic dynamics of the psyche. I currently meet patients weekly in The Therapy Center and expect to begin an internship at Riverside Community Center. After completing the doctoral program, I hope to build a private practice.

Many people understand psychoanalysis as having a lot of stigma around it (too immersed in psychosexual development, having no structure; rule of thumb etc.) but it really teaches us to understand how the unconscious affects us in our everyday lives.