Alumni Profiles

Sarah Smith | PsyaD, LMHC

Graduate, master’s in counseling program* & Doctor of Psychoanalysis

I graduated from BGSP’s Masters in Psychoanalytic Counseling program in 2010 and went on to earn two years of post-masters experience working as an out-patient clinician for Arbour Counseling and the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy. After receiving my Massachusetts state license in mental health (LMHC), I served as a clinical supervisor at be Latino Health Institute in Boston in 2012.  I also taught in the psychology department at Lasell College as an adjunct professor.

I am currently completing BGSP’s clinical doctoral degree in Psychoanalysis and work full time in private practice in Boston’s financial district.

An education in psychoanalysis is a transformative experience and requires a fervent commitment to knowing oneself. I have found the process to be both rigorous and profound. Those seeking to deepen their understanding of human motivation and the unconscious mind will find this program challenging and rewarding.