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Ms. Faye Newsome, M.A., Cert.Psya., NYS Licensed Psychoanalyst, Co-Director of Clinical Studies, Liaison

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In the past year I have developed the course “How the Mind Unfolds,” which integrates neuroscience, observational studies and various psychoanalytic theories in order to lead students to address the controversies about the concepts of projection, projective identification and imitation. The question addressed by the class is how the neonate progresses from sensation through to the birth of the other. Developing this course has led to further work in the clinical area of how the concept of envy can be applied to the modern analytic concept of the narcissistic defense.
I have concentrated on clinical issues in my psychoanalytic career, focusing on teaching students to tolerate and learn about themselves and others through their work with patients in mental hospitals, day facilities, addiction programs, and in their work with patients in the Treatment Service which forms the foundation for their private practice.
Teaching the techniques of exploration, journey, mirroring and reflecting (types of modern analytical interventions) is an intense experience for students who have new thoughts and feelings about themselves as they use theories of techniques to work with the resistances of their patients.

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Programs in Psychoanalysis and Clinical Mental Health Counseling


M.A., California Graduate Institute, 1986
Cert. Psya., Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, 1985