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Dr. Leah Alexander, Psya.D.

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I realized that I wanted to be a therapist around the age of 12. My experience of life included having what felt like a thousand thoughts and feelings a minute, and that experience taught me that it helps to talk. I wondered if others around me were experiencing the same things. It felt like no one was talking about it. Why not? Were we having a different experience? What were they thinking? How could we learn about ourselves and each other? I decided that the best opportunity to sort out my own experience and learn about the experiences of others was to choose work that would bring people together in a structured, intimate setting where talking was the primary tool.

My undergraduate studies in human development and family structures set the stage for the study of psychoanalysis, which appealed to me in it’s search for deep meaning. Through my studies at BGSP, the skills I’ve developed around exploration, communication, and communication analysis have proven to be crucial not only in my professional life, but in support of the development of the pleasures I take outside of work in literature, cooking, friends and family. My continued interest in my own motivations and the motivations of others has affected every sphere of my life in a positive way.

In addition to my role on the faculty, I serve as the Assistant Director of the Therapy Center at BGSP, and run a private practice in Topsfield, MA. Work with children and their families is a particular interest of mine – I strive to therapeutically support people in this overworked, overburdened, overstimulated world we live in.

Program Affiliation

Programs in Psychoanalysis and Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Master of Arts in Psychoanalysis, 2003
Doctor of Psychoanalysis, 2019