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Dr. Barry Waterson, M.A., Psya.D., Cert.Psya., Licensed Psychologist

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My interest, training and teaching in Modern Psychoanalysis have continued throughout a career in Vermont Mental Health Centers, schools and private community practice in rural Vermont. Work with children and families with severe mental health difficulties has been enriched with training and techniques to address personality disorders as manifested by parents and as mirrored in the emotional development of their children.

This interest in children and parents led to my doctoral research in disorganized attachment and ways that Modern Psychoanalytic Technique could be understood and developed as an intervention with severely disturbed children. In the course of that research I have been pleased to be able to collaborate with psychoanalytic colleagues both in and out of Modern Psychoanalysis. What I have found is that the earlier rifts in theory and technique now appear to be converging again, and that much of Modern Psychoanalytic technique is supported by theories of mentalization and attachment in current psychoanalytic and neuropsychoanalytic research.

I enjoy teaching and training students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds and look forward to a renaissance of psychodynamic interventions aimed at prevention and intervention with severe mental and emotional disorders.

Program Affiliation

Programs in Psychoanalysis and Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Psya.D., Vermont Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, 2007
Cert.Psya., Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, 1999
M.A., Rhode Island College, 1973

Awards & Honors

Research Fellow of the International Psychoanalytic Association, 2005
Vermont Association of Psychoanalytic Studies Research Award, 2007