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Dr. Lynn Perlman, Ph.D., Cert.Psya., Dean of Graduate Studies

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I came to BGSP in 1977. Having just completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I was only interested in taking a course or two. To my surprise, I found a school that provided a unique experience for me. The primary interest was in my emotional and intellectual maturation. It was explained that the goal of the school is to work with each individual to develop her/his personality in a manner that is therapeutic. What an amazing opportunity! I could learn to be a better therapist as I enriched my life personally. I have been here ever since. I take great pleasure in being part of a faculty that works to develop therapeutic personalities in everyone. Psychoanalysis, particularly what we call Modern Psychoanalysis, is fascinating to me. It provides me with a continual source for challenge and growth.

Program Affiliation

Programs in Psychoanalysis and Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Cert. Psya., Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, 1986.
Ph.D., City University of New York, 1971.


Twins, Infancy, Pregnancy, Sibling Rivalry, Fear of Women, Maternal Sexuality


Perlman, Lynn "Looking for Love: The Twin Factor" Modern Psychoanalysis vol xxvi: number 1 2001
Perlman, Lynn "The Analyst's Pregnancy: Transference and Countertransference Reactions" Modern Psychoanalysis vol XI: 1 & 2 1986.
Meadow, P.W. and Perlman, L and Bernstein, J. (in press) "Ethics in Mythology, Religion and Literature". In Meadow, P.W. In the Interest of the Patient