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Dr. Jane Snyder, Ph.D., Cert.Psya.


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I have devoted my professional life to psychoanalysis because I find the field to be endlessly fascinating. I find that psychoanalysis offers the most in-depth approach to understanding another person or group and freeing them of self destructive patterns, as well as the most comprehensive approach to researching what makes a person tick.  It also provides the best lens for understanding symbolic communication and emotional development which I personally pursued first through my studies in literature, later in my doctoral studies in developmental psychology in which I studied children’s creative use of language. I subsequently trained in clinical work with children and families, and entered psychoanalytic training in order to learn more about working with unconscious dynamics. I have been learning ever since. I enjoy writing and doing research on particular issues in treatment, such as enactment in the transference, adolescent aggression and sexuality, perversions, and symbolic communication. I have also done research and writing in the area of family violence and was a co-director of the Institute for the Study of Violence, now the program in Psychoanalysis, Society  and Culture.  Other areas of interest include love and marriage, creativity and the application of psychoanalytic understanding to literature.  I enjoy working with colleagues and students, sharing new ideas and working together to understand clinical, organizational and social issues.  I believe that to solve the problems  of today’s world we will need to use what we know about the deepest layers of human motivation and work with colleagues in other disciplines to promote constructive and cooperative interaction.

Program Affiliation

Programs in Psychoanalysis and Clinical Mental Health Counseling


M.A., Boston University, 1975
Ph.D., Boston University, 1980
M.A., Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, 1996
Cert.Psya., Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, 1996


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