Dr. Soldz Arranges Panel on Psychodyamic Treatment

Program Director Dr. Stephen Soldz arranged a briefing in January for Arthur Evans, CEO and senior staff from the Practice and Science Directorates of the American Psychological Association on the evidence base supporting the efficacy of psychodynamic psychotherapy (PDT). The briefing was stimulated by concerns that many in psychology are unaware of a growing body of work supporting the efficacy of psychodynamic treatment approaches.

Joining Dr. Soldz were Jacques Barber, Dean at the Derner School of Psychology, Adelphi University; Ken Levy, Associate Professor of Psychology at Penn State U., and Sigal Zilcha-Mano of the University of Haifa, Israel. Dr. Barber discussed evidence supporting the efficacy of PDT for depression and anxiety disorders. Dr. Levy discussed the efficacy of PDT for borderline Personality disorder. And Dr. Zilcha-Mano discussed research on mechanism whereby PDT helps patients, with an emphasis on recent work supporting the working alliance as a therapeutic factor. The presentations was followed by a lively discussion of how to bring wider perspectives into APA work in promoting evidence-based practices in psychology.