Psychoanalysis in the Pre-school Classroom

Ms. Vanessa Cid graduated this year with BGSP’s Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Child and Adolescent Intervention. A pre-school teacher, Ms. Cid was looking for ways to support her students beyond the traditional behavioral methods offered by her school system. She says of her children, “I was looking for something to address their heavy emotional experiences.” [Read More]

Working With Preoedipal States of Mind

By Chris Fry with response by Dr. Jane Snyder. I would like to talk with you about the serious issue of making therapeutic contact with patients who are suffering from the more primitive disturbances that psychoanalysis has come to classify as preoedipal states of mind.  Here we are concerned with problems that have developed in early life while the child was in the process of constructing a mind with which they could safely contain and elaborate the deepest and widest experiences of being alive.  This is something that all of us have had to wrestle with and it is clear that there are remnants of preoedipal experience in all of us – and indeed it is difficult to imagine a good life without access to these deep, and at times, intense experiences of being alive.  Most of us can get in touch with them and elaborate them in our intimate lives and our creativity.   But it is also clear that some people are confined to a form of relating that was established at this early time in life and that this is getting in the way of them developing a more coherent sense of self and of making and sustaining satisfying relationships with other people. [Read More]

Emotional Communication

…[T]he conference provided a space where over time, and thanks to the presenters, discussants and the participants, they could experience a certain level of emotional communication and connection.  This conference also demonstrated how BGSP offers training that is applicable not only to clinical work in mental health or private practice settings, but also to work in nursing homes with patients with dementia, preschools and classrooms at all levels, work with children in foster care  and very powerfully in groups and family relationships. [Read More]