Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures

Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures

Sexual Misconduct Policy 

The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis sexual misconduct policy addresses the definitions of sexual misconduct and procedures to follow should a sex offense occur. This policy applies to all campus locations in Brookline, MA, New York, NY, and Livingston, NJ. The Graduate School is committed to providing campus communities free of sexual misconduct; and prohibits sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.    

The Graduate School’s policy on sexual harassment is directed toward behavior and does not purport to regulate beliefs, attitudes or feelings. It is based on federal and state law in accordance with Title IX regulations. Because it is possible for one person to unintentionally engage in the sexual harassment of another, a general description of sexual harassment is provided:  Sexual harassment can include a wide range of behavior, from the actual coercing of sexual relations to the forcing of sexual attentions, verbal or physical, on a non-consenting individual.   

In addition, sexual contact between individuals in an uneven power relationship is prohibited, faculty and student or analyst/therapist and patient. Such contact is antithetical and destructive to psychotherapeutic treatment and to the educational process. Faculty, therefore, avoid all sexual contact of an overt or covert nature with their students, patients or former patients, even if such contact is invited and/or consensual. Students, in the same way, avoid all sexual contact with patients.   

The BGSP/ICPS Student Handbookalso addresses the Graduate School’s sexual misconduct policy. Please see theNYGSP Student Handbookfor NYGSP’s detailed guidance, as well as the NYGSP Sexual Assault and Violence Response Website.    

For complete guidance on the Sexual Misconduct Policy, including contact information for the Campus Security Authorities and the Title IX Coordinators at each campus (also available below), please consult the Annual Security Report.    

The Annual Security Report outlines the definitions of sexual harassment and violence by local jurisdiction, sex offender registry information, primary prevention and awareness education, what to do if you are a victim of a sex offence at BGSP/NYGSP/BGSP-NJ, and the institutional disciplinary investigation and hearing procedures.   

If you are the victim of sexual harassment, discrimination or assault, contact the Title IX Coordinator on your campus (listed below).   

Brookline, MA main campus:  

Dr. Lynn Perlman, perlmanl@bgsp.edu or 617-277-3915  

Dean of Graduate Studies, BGSP Campus Security Authority and Title IX Coordinator  

New York, NY branch campus:  

Mr. Kabir de Leeuw, nygsp@bgsp.edu or 212-260-7050  

Assistant to the NYGSP Program Director, NYGSP Campus Security Authority  

Ms. Angela Musolino, amusolino@cmps.edu or 212-260-7050  

Faculty, NYGSP Title IX Coordinator  

Livingston, NJ branch campus:  

Mrs. Loretta Calabrese, lcalabrese@acapnj.org or 973-629-1003  

Registrar, ICPS Campus Security Authority