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News: Message from the President

Message from the President

This week commenced with reports of racist comments by our President, in stark juxtaposition with the celebration of Martin Luther King’s lifelong efforts and achievements in combating racism in our country. BGSP reaffirms its commitment to an inclusive society and condemns racist and discriminatory speech and actions. Such language includes the singling out of particular countries, or whole continents, populated heavily by nonwhite peoples, to be excluded from applying for entry to or immigrating to the US.

As psychoanalysts we are aware of the ubiquity of prejudice and racism and seek to expose it and combat it in ourselves and others. It is the responsibility of leaders to be constructive in their comments and knowledgeable about that of which they speak. Likewise, it is their responsibility to work towards an inclusive and truly democratic society in which all people are accepted and respected as equal, with the potential to be contributing citizens when given equal opportunities and access to education, employment, and all rights of citizenship.

At BGSP we welcome people of all races from all countries of origin and celebrate our diverse student body. We work hard to make all feel accepted in our community and encourage other leaders to do the same.