Campaign Priorities

The Campaign will support the School’s strategic priorities and create a strong foundation for its next 50 years. Through the pillars of Train, Lead, and Serve, BGSP will provide financial aid to attract and train qualified students from all backgrounds and financial circumstances; support our faculty and their highly individualized approach to learning; and care for our community with accessible mental health services.

BGSP students have a broad range of prior experience and come from diverse socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. We believe this makes them better prepared to address mental health challenges in clinical settings, human service agencies, community health departments, and beyond.

To ensure that heavy debt and a lack of financial resources do not prevent the best students from training, BGSP must provide significantly more financial aid. This investment supports not only BGSP students, but also the countless lives these students impact throughout their training and careers.

Support of the Campaign will increase access and financial aid to ensure the most promising students can attend BGSP, regardless of need. Philanthropic funds will support Master’s career advancement scholarships; internship stipends, Therapy Center stipends to allow for larger caseloads; and Doctoral fellowships.

In the classroom, in the field, and in clinical settings, BGSP faculty lead by training students and advancing the frontiers of psychoanalytic knowledge. To guide BGSP’s next 50 years, the School needs to retain its outstanding talent and recruit a diverse group of the very best psychoanalytic educators.

Support of the Campaign will allow BGSP to continue its leadership in mental health education by recruiting outstanding leaders in psychoanalytic education, recognizing the diversity of perspectives required to understand mental health in today’s society. It will allow BGSP to offer competitive compensation to existing faculty, to retain the best and brightest talent. And it will allow BGSP to offer Thought Leadership Stipends to provide faculty with time to advance knowledge in the field and share their expertise with the wider community.

I am proudest of BGSP’s Therapy Center, which offers supervised psychoanalysis and psychotherapy at affordable rates. Around 200 patients, mainly young adults figuring out life’s pathways, avail themselves of this invaluable service annually.”

Joyce Fredkin
BGSP Trustee
BGSP Trustee, Joyce Fredkin

Caring for our community is central to our mission. BGSP’s Therapy Center provides affordable, inclusive, patient-centered care to the Brookline community, students of local universities and K-12 schools, and those referred from area hospitals.

Support of the Campaign will allow BGSP to partner with community organizations and provide training programs to increase the standard of mental health care for all who need it. The Campaign will also allow BGSP to better serve our community with more accessible Therapy Center facilities and technology.

Support The Campaign for BGSP today.