Jacobs,T- Countertransference Past And Present

patient. His appreciation, however, of the fact that the unconscious of patient and analyst are in continual contact and that
covert messages are continually transmitted between the two participants opened

the analyst
could learn much about himself from the patient and that the patient could benefit from understanding how the analysts
personality and conflicts have affected his thought processes and…
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Spotnitz, H-Aggression In The Therapy Of Schizophrenia

…not the
intent of a communication but its effect upon the patient that is decisive. A physician may give a patient a
hypodermic to save his life, but the patient
patient is subjected to psychological attack to enable him to come out of the psychosis. After closely
observing Rosen’s clinical work, Dr. English expressed reservations about the

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Freud-Case Histories.

…inhibition and
control in its associations. In this secondary State the patient was in a condition of alienation. The fact that the
patient’s mental condition was entirely dependent on the
…hence she was sometimes subject to moods. The element of sexuality was astonishingly undeveloped in her.
The patient, whose life became known to me to an extent to

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