The English Patient

…movie in the form of triangular relationships between the English patient, Katherine, and Geoffrey (her husband), and between Hana, Kip, and The English Patient” (Ewa Hut).

Almasy, as the Oedipal…

By Dr. Mara Wagner

My class this semester, Unconscious Dynamics in Film, recently discussed The English Patient ,  and with their permission, I decided to write it up as an

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Jacobs,T- Countertransference Past And Present

…involvements with patients and/or the families of patients, and Freud himself is reported to have confided to
Ferenczi that he nearly succumbed to the charms of a female patient….
…aspects of the patient’s personality prejudice
the way they listen and respond to their patients.

Poland’s work (1986, 1988) focused on the way in which patient and analyst operate… [Read More]

Freud, S-Aggression in the Therapy of Schizophrenia

the patient (English et al., 1961). Coincidentally, this observation was published during the year when I reported

a different way of handling the aggression of the schizophrenic patient (Spotnitz, 1961)….the patient. Because of the difficulty of accounting

for them, it is a significant advance when the therapist is able to connect these feelings with the patient.

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Spotnitz, H-Aggression In The Therapy Of Schizophrenia

aggressive handling of the patient, pointing out the need for a “better means” of bringing to consciousness the
defensive fantasy life of the patient (English et al., 1961)….patients’ emotions. Nor does the personal
analysis always equip the practitioner with the ability to disengage himself emotionally from the patient and to
respond to the patient in…
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Freud-Case Histories.

…of the illness the anaesthesia could not be
efficiently tested, owing to the patient’s resistance arising from feelings of anxiety.

It was while the patient was in this……its associations. In this secondary State the patient was in a condition of alienation. The fact that the
patient’s mental condition was entirely dependent on the intrusion of this…
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Eshel, Pentheus rather than Oedipus O

the patient was not there for it to happen to’ is Winnicott’s

unique description of the dissociative state (p. 176). Thus, the patient must go on fearing it and compulsively……focuses on

attunement, holding and containing rather than proffering interpretations of patient-analyst relationships (object or subject relationships)

and especially of patient-analyst separateness.

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