One Year Psychoanalytic Program

One Year Psychoanalytic Program

The One Year Program enriches the work of people who are interested in understanding and working with individuals, families or groups, improving personal relationships, and enhancing their quality of life. The program introduces students to modern psychoanalytic theories and techniques in order to develop a deeper understanding of human dynamics. Often this leads to approaching old problems in new ways. Experiential learning uses real life examples and cases as a lively way to enrich the classroom experience.

Two courses will be covered each semester and include:

  • The Maturational Process
  • Transference and Resistance
  • Analytic Learning
  • Countertransference

Schedule and Course Work


An introduction to the basic theories and techniques of psychoanalysis including regression, transference, resistance, and the psychosexual stages

The Maturational Process
The class is designed to help the participant:

  1. Discuss how an infant begins to develop psychic structure, using class readings and experience
  2. Explore how the developing structure progresses from an objectless void into a person with the ability to develop object relationships
  3. Analyze the transformation of drives through the libidinal stages of oral, anal, phallic and genital
  4. Explore the fundamental conflict of the life and death drives and its role in. shaping character
  5. Analyze how these theories influence the way we understand ourselves and work with the people in our world

Transference and Resistance
This class is designed to help the participant:

  1. Explain the terms resistance and transference
  2. Describe the function of resistance
  3. Demonstrate the use of observation for making inferences and interventions
  4. Explain the meaning of narcissistic transference and resistance
  5. Discuss what is meant by the positive aspects of the negative therapeutic reaction
  6. Discuss the meaning of the therapeutic resolution of verbal and preverbal resistance


An exploration of techniques for gaining access to the unconscious, using symbolic communication and induced feelings, as well as other steps in the psychoanalytic process

Analytic Listening
The class is designed to help the participant:

  1. Discuss the concept of analytic listening
  2. Identify symbolic communications
  3. Identify non-verbal methods of communicating
  4. Discuss modern analytic ways of working with dreams
  5. Discuss the meaning of progressive communication and how to promote it
  6. Discuss how to listen to the unconscious (one’s own as well as that of another)

The class is designed to help the participant:

  1. Define the term countertransference
  2. Discuss the historical evolution of countertransference
  3. Discuss countertransference resistance and how to identify and overcome it
  4. Explain what is meant by Winnicott’s term “Hate in the Countertransference”
  5. Discuss the idea of using countertransference as a therapeutic tool
  6. Integrate case material into discussions


Classes for the 2019-2020 year will be held Thursday evenings, beginning on September 5th at 5:30.  The classes are back to back (5:30-7:00 and 7:10-8:40), and meet every other week for 10 weeks/semester. Courses will be taught by Dr. Joan White and Dr. Sue Benson.

One Year Psychoanalytic Program

Tuition and Fees

2018 -2019

$1,200 Tuition (per semester)

$50 Fees (per semester)

Please note: there is a non-refundable application fee of $50. Please fill out the application form and mail with application fee enclosed to: BGSP, 1581 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446.

Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)

The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. BGSP maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 5676. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

For information on continuing education credits for nurses, social workers, or marriage and family counseling, call 617.277.3915.

One Year Psychoanalytic Program

A few words from our graduates:

"As a therapist, everything I learned was relevant."
Bonnie Fitz-Gibbon, Psychotherapist

"Psychoanalytic education and experience have made me a more successful custody and divorce lawyer."
Tracy Galloway, Lawyer

“This was wonderful and challenging.”
Evan Margetson, LICSW

"This program helped me to understand the pathologies of my students in crisis."
Rae Nelson, Teacher at residential program

20% tuition discount for those employed in a mental health clinic.

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