Statement on Current Events of Racially Targeted Violence

Dear BGSP Community,

I am making the following statement on behalf of the entire faculty:

We wish to express our collective feelings of outrage, horror and grief at the most recently publicized killings of unarmed Black people by police and neighborhood vigilantes in Minneapolis, Louisville, and Georgia–George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery. We also note and condemn the ongoing and pervasive effects of racism and social stratification in this country evidenced in the disproportionate disease and death rates due to COVID in racial minorities and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities, as well as the many other racial incidents reported on a daily basis towards members of all minority groups.  As the president of the American Psychological Association said in her recent statement “We are living in a racism pandemic”.

BGSP condemns all forms of racism and social and economic injustice.  While we tend to focus on individual change in our work as psychoanalysts, we also need to address the deep societal inequities which affect the individuals we work with and continue to work for the rights of all people to live and grow in an environment offering equal opportunity for individuals to reach their full potential free of violence and oppression due to their race, gender, ethnic identity or socioeconomic class.

Dr. Jane Snyder