Announcement: Fall Semester will be Online

Dear BGSP Community,

Fall Semester Activities to Continue Online

After carefully reviewing what it would take to reopen the school safely for in person activities in the Fall we have decided to continue with online classes, supervisions, and group activities for the Fall semester.

Regarding fieldwork placements, we will make a decision in August regarding whether in person placements can be offered as an option for students seeking to meet this requirement. We are planning for alternative methods of learning about psychosis and meeting practicum requirements for counseling students which will not involve in person contact (e.g., telephone interviewing, observation of live interviews with psychotic patients over videoconferencing). Therefore students needing to meet these requirements should sign up for fieldwork and/or practicum.

If in person placements are possible and considered safe they will be offered as an optional way to fulfill the requirement.

Regarding counseling internships, we will carefully review any internship possibility with the student and placement to determine if it meets safety requirements before approving the placement. Approval procedures will be outlined in the registration packet.

Regarding the Therapy Center, it will remain closed to in-person work for the time being until we can determine if there is a way it can safely reopen.

I am very sorry we cannot meet in person for now. We will continue to offer drop-in meetings and continuing education events over the summer. I hope to see you at the All Community meeting this Friday at noon on zoom.

Take care of yourselves,

Dr. Snyder