Plans for the Fall

Dear BGSP Community,

I hope everyone is staying healthy and connected to family and friends including those at BGSP in this strange time.

I am writing to give you an update on our plans for the Fall.  It is not clear at this time if it will be safe to reopen to in-person activities in September or at what point it will be possible.  When it is safe, we will reopen. If it isn’t, we will continue to offer classes and other activities through videoconferencing (Zoom).  We are planning for either possibility.  We will be following the governor’s recommendations on in person gatherings and carefully reviewing the criteria for reopening public places and workplaces.  We will make a decision by July 31 on how we will start the Fall semester, ie, in person or by videoconferencing.

I realize some of you need to make decisions about returning to Boston or keeping leases on apartments.  If you need to stay where you are for now and the situation remains unclear we will be offering the option of attending class via zoom even if we do reopen to in person classes. In that case, the classes would have some people attending in person and some by  zoom.

For those of you hoping to begin or continue fieldwork placements, if it is not possible to start a placement we will offer an alternative experience through the fieldwork class and supervision to learning about psychosis and regressed states. We will also be offering an alternative practicum experience for counseling students if necessary.  We are working on this now.

Internships Next Fall:
For those of you hoping to begin internships, it is not clear what will be open and available in the Fall.  We are seeking more information on what various sites are considering. We don’t know the situation with the public schools at this point for our school-based internship program. We will keep you appraised as we learn more.

Completion of Internships this Year & Graduation:
For those of you completing internships this year, there is good news! The licensing board has agreed to the plan to allow interns due to graduate to graduate with the internship hours they have.  Hours will need to be documented and any additional hours required to meet the 600 hours can be met post-master’s.  In addition, additional practica hours completed through the fieldwork experience may be added to your internship hours. Look for communications from Dr. Sharp and Mr. Patria on documentation of internship hours.

Therapy Center:
The Therapy Center will continue to operate via telephone and videoconferencing until we determine it is safe to resume in-person sessions.  Intakes will be conducted via telecommunication and the intake fee is waived for the time being.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns. We will be scheduling more drop in meetings and Dr. Hugenberger is working on planning additional events for the community with the help of students and faculty.

Take care everybody!

Dr. Snyder