BGSP Community Update

Dear BGSP Community,

I hope everyone is staying healthy and managing this new strange way of living at a physical distance from each other while trying to stay connected virtually.  It sounds like the classes have gone well overall with a few glitches which are hopefully resolved going forward.  Many of you have taken advantage of the “drop-in” times and it has been good to connect in a less formal way and find out how people are doing.

A couple of announcements:


If you have traveled and relocated to another state temporarily, please let us know. We need to know if people are using distance learning from other states and which ones in order to be compliant with state regulations.  Respond to this email, or let Mrs. Kaeli know where you are.

If you have traveled to another country, let Ms. Woolbert know if you haven’t already.

Internship Students:

The licensing Board is continuing to discuss options for students who have been enrolled in internships this academic year and how to handle the requirement for pre-MA hours.  We will keep you updated.

COVID-19 Resource Page on the Website

Dr. Soldz and Mr. Fraley have worked on updating and restructuring the COVID-19 Resource Page on our website, accessible through a link on the home page. Check it out. If you have suggestions on resources for entertainment, coping with social distancing, working out at home and other helpful websites or articles let Dr. Soldz or Mr. Fraley know.

Accessing Health Care

Some of you have raised questions about accessing health care and insurance coverage should you get sick.  It is important to check out your insurance coverage by calling the number on your health insurance card to find out more about your benefits.  You will be responsible for meeting the deductible, by calling you can find out what that is if you don’t know. After meeting the deductible your insurance should cover any additional expenses incurred to treat an illness or accident.

Note: COVID-19 testing is a free service.  However you need a doctor’s referral to get tested at one of the testing sites.  Please see the resource list on health care resources on the website under COVID-19 Resources if you do not have an identified doctor or clinic  to consult.  You may call in to an urgent care clinic or one of the hotlines at the hospitals (Beth Israel and Partners Health Care are two which have hotlines) to have a consultation on the phone.

Please note that everyone who needs it will get care.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me.  I do not know how long this period of social distancing will last. but we will keep in touch and continue to offer drop-in times in addition to classes.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Dr. Snyder