Further Actions to Protect the BGSP Community


Dear BGSP Community,

As we continue to seek to keep our community and our patients safe we are taking the following additional measures beginning on Monday :


Therapy Center

The Therapy Center will be closed to in person sessions for the next two weeks beginning Monday, March 16. Please consult with your supervisor about how to work with your patients remotely or what is the best approach to this interruption.  A message will be put on the Therapy Center phone line to this effect.


Building Closure & Faculty Appointments

We are working towards completely closing the building for two weeks as our staff prepares to work from home. This should be achieved early next week.  All faculty are asked to move off campus and to work remotely with their analysands and supervisees beginning Monday.  In this unprecedented time we need to take all measures to protect ourselves and those we work with.


We will reassess at the end of two weeks as to whether we need to remain closed for a longer time.


Internship Students, MH Counseling Program

Those students completing counseling internship hours please be aware that the MA Mental Health Counseling Association is actively working on how to address the shortage of internship hours that students are likely to complete for the pre-Master’s training.  Please know your plight is being considered and will be addressed.

To this end, I am asking that all students take a two week break from their internship activities onsite.  Please discuss this with your supervisors.


Health Care

All of my emails about the coronavirus including health care resources and questions about accessing insurance coverage are now posted on the school’s web page.  I have heard some concern among international students as to whether they will be taken care of or treated.  Yes you will, but where you receive care may depend on your insurance as noted in the resource list. Please see resource list, contact me or other faculty if you have questions. This is a public health emergency. All individuals will be treated.



As noted previously, all classes and supervisions will be held online beginning next week.  Emails are forthcoming regarding procedures.


All my best at this difficult time,


Dr. Snyder


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