Important Update


Dear BGSP Community,

Given escalating concern about the coronavirus and community spread, we have decided to cancel all remaining classes this week beginning today, Thursday March 12, and to move to online classes next week if all is in place to do so. In person classes will not be held next week.  We will keep everyone informed and be giving instructions regarding attending class online.  As mentioned in previous emails, it is best to have a working computer with working microphone and camera. If lacking this equipment, it is possible to telephone in.


Therapy Center

The Therapy Center will remain open, but we are suspending all intakes for two weeks and will continue to assess the situation for when to resume.  In the meantime, student therapists should consult with their supervisors regarding how to continue their work with patients for both their own comfort and safety and the patient’s, i.e., whether to meet in person or through telecommunication.


Group Supervisions

Tomorrow’s group supervisions are cancelled.  If you have concerns about your patients, contact your supervisor.  We will be in touch about future small group supervisions.



We are suspending student attendance in onsite fieldwork activities for two weeks (through March 27) while we assess the situation for the safety of all concerned.  Ms. Healy will be contacting the placements to let them know.



Students may continue to attend internship placements if comfortable doing so. Please consult with your supervisor onsite and at a BGSP. I realize students are concerned about internship hours and we do not know what will happen with the licensing board given the current situation, i.e., if any flexibility will be given for internship hours this year.  However, your health is of paramount concern. At this moment, all internship sites are continuing to operate.


Analytic appointments and individual supervision

Please work out the nature of your attendance for analysis and individual supervision with your analyst and supervisor.


These are very uncertain and difficult times for all of us. We as a faculty and administration are doing our best to keep the health and welfare of our student body and our entire community in mind.  Please feel free to contact me or any of your faculty members, supervisors, and of course your analyst if you want to discuss your individual situation.  Also please continue to practice good hygienic practices and social distancing.


Dr. Snyder