Career Advancement Scholarship

Career Advancement Scholarship


BGSP offers the Career Advancement Scholarship to selected students entering BGSP’s M.A. program in Mental Health Counseling or One Year Program.  The scholarship helps people working at the Bachelor’s level in clinical human service agencies (such as hospitals, residential facilities, or in-home intervention programs) advance their career to earn a license-eligible Master’s in Mental Health Counseling.

The scholarship offers a 20% discount on course tuition, renewable each semester for up to two years, as long as the student maintains good academic standing.  Since BGSP’s tuition is already lower than many private colleges, this means an affordable career is in reach!

Applicants who have worked in a mental health agency for one year or more are eligible to apply.


BGSP’s M.A. program in Mental Health Counseling offers a unique experience while earning  your License in Mental Health Counseling.

Four Ways to Gain from this Program:

  • Learn to recognize and respond to the internal states of people you serve.
  • Gain the coursework, skills, and experience needed to be license-eligible in mental health counseling, while acquiring skills for working with people experiencing psychosis and other major life challenges.
  • With intensive clinical work and supervision, build your skills through one-on-one and small group relationships.
  • Learn to use yourself and your relationships to create success.  Learn to use induced feelings to intervene more constructively.

Specializations are available in child and adolescent psychotherapy and addictions counseling. Contact admissions@bgsp.edu for more information.

The program and Career Advancement Scholarship are open to students at the Boston and New Jersey campuses.

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