William Sharp

William Sharp | PsyaD, LMHC

Graduate, Doctor of Psychoanalysis

My BGSP training enables me to have a positive impact not only on the patients that I see in my private practice, but also on a school population that is not usually exposed to psychodynamic psychotherapy.

In 2005, I became the director of the School-Based Counseling Program, a Boston Institute for Psychotherapy (BIP) and BGSP collaborative, which provides on-site therapy to children in Boston area schools. Under my direction, the program grew to include more than 20 schools, and I now run the post graduate training program for child and adolescent work. In addition, I am a professor at Wheelock College and at Northeastern University, where undergraduates are excited to be exposed to modern psychoanalytic theories. In fact, upon graduating, some of those students have applied for training in our master’s programs.