Sue Benson

Sue Benson | MSW, LICSW

Graduate, Doctor of Psychoanalysis

I am currently an advanced candidate in the Psya D. program having come to BGSP with a Master of Social Work from Salem State University.  This was a generalist program, with an emphasis on the macro level of practice. Although this training had fulfilled an intellectual need, I was still seeking greater clinical depth and richness of human experience. Early on it was clear that BGSP offered just what I was searching for. The bedrock of BGSP’s training is the study of transference and resistance within a drive theory model.  The compelling nature of this type of learning is what continues to hold unmitigated appeal.

My previous work at a psychiatric hospital, providing individual and group psychotherapy to a dual diagnosis population, was substantially enhanced by the analytic training I gained at BGSP. In a therapeutic milieu, the impulsivity and contagion that could occur often had destructive consequences.  In better understanding how to work analytically with these kinds of problems, more constructive outcomes could be obtained.

Having the technical tools to observe and understand human motivations and using countertransference feelings and inductive states to assist patients in getting what they want in life is very gratifying.  Not to be overlooked is the collateral benefit of more fulfilling collegial and personal relationships as well.

At the present time I am in private practice, where many of my patients have followed me after having been seen in the hospital setting for years.  I am also currently working to complete my dissertation in the Doctor of Psychoanalysis program.

My motivation to learn more drives an insatiable curiosity about how to integrate analytic theory and practice. Even more importantly, my aim is to contribute professionally to pertinent research as a way to continue the advancement of the exciting field of psychoanalysis. BGSP finds itself on the leading edge of innovation in getting the first accredited psychoanalytic doctoral program in Massachusetts.  This is an unprecedented time of opportunity and I am glad to be a part of it.