Sarah Hueso

Sarah Hueso | PsyaD

Graduate, Doctor of Psychoanalysis

I came to the US after completing a master’s in clinical psychology in Venezuela. I had accepted a job at a mental health agency as a psychotherapist in Boston, and upon arrival experienced intense culture shock. The emphasis on symptom alleviation, behavior, and external causes felt overbearing and an impediment to understanding patients intra-psychically. I joined BGSP in hopes of finding a different language for understanding my patients. I thought I would take one or two courses to balance the pressure of the job, but I found much more than what I was looking for—I found a place that fosters becoming one's true self, and in addition teaches how to help others do the same. It became an irresistible process, one that I continued despite moving to Florida where I have developed a private practice.

I have a special interest in the application of modern analytic theory and technique to the parenting process. I continue to be amazed by the profound impact parents are able to bring to their families when they apply some of these tools.  I hope to continue to grow my practice and to teach, spreading modern analytic thinking to South Florida.