Karina Balkh

Karina Balkh | Karina Balkh, PsyaD, Cert. Psya

Graduate, Master of Arts in Psychoanalysis & Doctor of Psychoanalysis

In the Soviet Union, where I came from, psychoanalysis was banned for almost five decades.  One day in the early 1980's, a friend brought me to a special section of the library, open only to a select few.  There I came across some of Freud’s books.  Ever since that time, I dreamed of studying psychoanalysis. In 1988, after nine years of fighting for human rights and my own right to leave Russia, I was able to come to the United States.

I came to Boston alone with $200.00, one suitcase, and a burning desire to study psychoanalysis. I have since completed the master’s program in Psychoanalysis at BGSP, and in 2013, I received the Doctorate of Psychoanalysis from the School. These were the most meaningful years of my life.  BGSP provided me with a facilitating environment where I was able to grow, connect, care, and fulfill my dream. Through my private practice I now bring this knowledge and help to my community, to people who, through a totalitarian regime, were deprived of emotional education and development.