Daniel De Lima

Daniel N.P. de Lima |  PsyaD

Graduate, Master of Arts in Psychoanalytic Counseling & Doctor of Psychoanalysis in Psychoanalysis and Culture

A few years after I moved to the United States from Brazil, I was looking for programs in psychology in order to continue my education. At the time, I had no idea that a psychoanalytical school in Massachusetts existed. It was a great surprise when a friend of mine told me about BGSP.  She knew that I had started my analytical studies and training in Brazil, and therefore guessed BGSP would be the best place for me to go.  She was right.

From the first moment, I felt welcomed—for someone who had great difficulties speaking and understanding English, it was priceless. Everyone at BGSP showed great patience and understanding regarding my language difficulties and all helped me overcome my shyness and fear that I would not be able to finish the program. I am grateful to the BGSP community as I have since have obtained my Masters in Psychoanalysis as well as my Doctorate in Psychoanalysis and Culture. The experience of having been a student and a member of the BGSP community was the best possible experience, and the most important of all my 16 years living in the US.

Once I started the master’s program at BGSP, I began working as a Mental Health Therapist at Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in Worcester, MA. I am sure that the training, analysis and groups I had at the school were crucial in helping me successfully carry out my job as a therapist with many patients from all over the world. While completing my Doctorate, I had the incredible opportunity to study Brazilian immigrants who had returned to Brazil.  I decided it was time for me to return too, which I did in May of 2013.

All the experience, education and training I had at BGSP helped me advance my professional career in a short time. I worked as a Consultant at the Minas Gerais State Department of Health and as a Coordinator for a few remote educational courses. Recently, I have started at the Ministry of Health, in Brazil’s capital Brasília, as a researcher in the Permanent Education Department. This is a great opportunity for learning, creating a national professional network and finally, for contributing to the development of education and health services in my country. For all this, I am thankful to BGSP.