Dr. Wagner, Mara

Mara Sanadi Wagner, Psy.D., Cert.Psya.

Contact information
(617) 277-3915 x34

Cert.Psya., Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, 1998.
Psy.D., Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, 1985.

Personal Statement
My interest in theoretical depth and clinical mastery brought me from psychology to psychoanalysis. I am interested in how the truth can set us free, and in the many areas of life in which this can take place: psychoanalysis, literature, art, music, film…

My mixed cultural background draws my eye to overarching ways to understand human experience that partake of many traditions. I enjoy the kind of learning that can take place within and between people with opening minds.

Echo-location and the dynamics of containment
The uses of fantasy in psychoanalytic research

(1995) Book Review, Counterresistance: The Therapist's Interference With the Therapeutic Process, Gerald Schoenwolf. Northvale; N.J. Jason Aronson, Inc., 1993, 301 pages. In Modern Psychoanalysis, 1995, vol. 20 no. 20 pp. 118-121.
"The Man Who Mistook His Life For A Map," unpublished research study of the fantasies of a man seeking direction.