What We Do

At BGSP, we use our understanding of unconscious dynamics to help solve problems of emotional suffering and destructive action.  In this way, we help individuals, groups, and communities free their creative energy to live satisfying lives in cooperation with others.

As a graduate school, we teach students to actualize this personally and professionally by training clinical mental health counselors, interdisciplinary scholars, and psychoanalysts.  Contributing through our Therapy Center, School Outreach Program, and work in the community, our students graduate with confidence in their abilities to work skillfully with a wide range of patients in a variety of settings.

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What we do


“People give to BGSP because they believe that understanding and addressing the human unconscious is an invaluable tool for relieving human suffering.”

Carol M. Panetta, Psy.D.
Vice President of Finance and Institutional Relations


What we do

Our students are trained in psychodynamic methods that enable our graduates to confidently approach deeper work with a broader range of clients.

BGSP's masters and doctoral degree programs in  Clinical Practice and Scholarship give students the knowledge, experience, and skills needed for clinical practice in psychoanalysis or as a licensed mental health counselor.

BGSP’s master’s and doctoral degree programs in Psychoanalysis, Society, and Culture provide a psychoanalytic foundation for cultural studies and interdisciplinary research.

What we do

BGSP’s continuing education workshops and courses bring new insights and skills to everyday life, work, and clinical practice. An introduction to psychoanalytic principles and techniques helps develop a deeper understanding of human dynamics. Often this leads to new approaches to old problems.

What we do

BGSP is committed to bringing psychoanalytically informed mental health treatment to the larger community through its clinical programs.

The Therapy Center at BGSP provides affordable psychotherapy and psychoanalysis to individuals and families outside the managed care model. Serving close to 200 clients annually, our advanced candidates offer individualized, in-depth, long-term care at reasonable rates, with no interference from insurance companies.

The School Based Outreach Program brings mental health care to uninsured children in the Boston Public Schools. Children with little access to mental health services receive in-depth psychotherapy throughout the school year.

What we do

BGSP’s 2016-2019 Strategic Plan, Extending the Reach of Psychoanalysis, outlines BGSP’s vision for teaching students to bring psychoanalysis to bear on individual, social and cultural concerns.