Board of Trustees & Administration

Board of Trustees

Heike M. Arendt, MBA, Vice Chair
Arendt Consulting

Mimi Crowell, Ph.D.
Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies

Christopher de Souza, Ph.D.
Broadview Ventures

David Fogel, M.B.A, C.P.A., Treasurer
Swifton CFOs

Joyce Fredkin

Melissa Fristrom, Psya.D.
Core Allies

Alan D. Lucas, Chair
CMC Boston, Inc.

Siamak Movahedi, Ph.D.
BGSP Faculty

Vicki Semel, Ph.D., Psy.D.
Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis

Jane Snyder, Ph.D.
BGSP President

Central Administration

Dr. Jane Snyder

Dr. Carol M. Panetta
Vice President

Dr. Lynn Perlman
Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Paula Berman
Associate Dean of Admissions and Enrollment

Ms. Amy Cohen-Rose
Director of Library Services

Ms. Gayle Dolan

Mr. Michael Fraley
Marketing Coordinator

Ms. Dianne Kaeli

Dr. Stephen Soldz
Director of the Center for Research, Evaluation and Program Development

Ms. Stephanie Woolbert
Financial Aid and Admissions Coordinator

BGSP Administration

Dr. Leslie Barnard
Assistant Dean and Director of Advisement

Dr. Jon Dzitko
Library Assistant

Mr. Michael Fraley
Operations Manager

Dr. Stephen Soldz
Fieldwork Coordinator

Dr. William Sharp
Program Director, MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Dr. Patricia Hugenberger
Director of Continuing Education

Dr. Helen Michael
Director of the Therapy Center and Director of Clinical Studies

Dr. Siamak Movahedi
Director of Programs in Psychoanalysis, Society, and Culture

Dr. Jill Solomon
Program Director, Accelerated Psya.D.

NYGSP Administration

Dr. Mimi Crowell
Program Director

Ms. Laura Covino

Mr. Kabir de Leeuw
Administrative Assistant

Mr. Stephen Guttman

Dr. Joan Lippincott
Director of the Fieldwork Program

Dr. Rory Rothman
Director of Admissions

Dr. Vicki Semel
Director of Admissions

Dr. Marc Tallent
Director of Public Information

Dr. Dolores Welber
Director of Advisement

BGSP-NJ Administration

Ms. Loretta Calabrese

Ms. Janet Lazar

Dr. Vicki G. Semel
Program Director

Ms. Eva Silver
Dean of Admissions