Vincent Panetta, Ph.D., Cert. Psya., Adjunct Faculty, BGSP

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(781) 267-9506

Personal Statement
I became fascinated with psychoanalysis when I was a college student. I had a professor who was an analyst; he had been trained by Anna Freud. Not only did I take all the courses he taught, but I would go to the library on my own to read the works of Freud. It was my good fortune to stumble upon Modern Analysis in 1979, the year I graduated from college. I knew then that I wanted to start my training as an analyst, and I did. Modern Analysis has enriched my life as a person, practitioner, teacher, husband, and father. I strongly recommend it!

Fantasy, addiction, modern analysis in community mental health, parenting.

The use of fantasy as resistance. (recent issue of Modern Psychoanalysis)
Homosexual Fantasy in a Modern Psychoanalysis (unpublished paper)
Fantasy, Impulsivity, and Acting Out (dissertation)