Marjorie Kettell, Ph.D., Cert. Psya., Core Faculty, BGSP

Contact information
(617) 522-2507

Personal Statement
Three areas of professional interest, psychoanalysis, research, and developmental theory/ gerontology have been part of my life since my doctoral work at Boston University in Clinical Psychology. My doctoral thesis was a study of 65 elderly women in five categories including normal, depressed, pre-seniles, and dementia with and without psychosis, using the Rorschach to compare their level of ego integrity. I came to BGSP in 1984 from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology (of which I am a Founder) to teach research and supervise final projects. Now that BGSP has two doctoral programs, I enjoy the opportunity to help with dissertation research in studies of violent behavior and applying psychoanalysis to aging patients. In the Extension Division, I have developed 6 semester courses and a number of workshops in Gerontology that can be taken for a Professional Certificate or as electives in the Master’s or Doctoral programs. I really enjoy teaching and seeing patients. My other interests are in creativity in art and literature; also, mind-body interactions. For fun, I like to travel, paint, and be with friends and family.

Lifecycle changes, correlates of violence and abuse, projective testing, and other areas that pose interesting questions!
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