Lorraine Smithberg, Ph.D., Cert. Psya., Associate Professor, Training Analyst, Supervisor, BGSP

Contact information
(212) 645-1109
(212) 675-0007

Personal Statement

I began my psychoanalytic training in 1975. This seeming change in the professional direction was actually the natural fulfillment of my life long interested in human development and motivation.

My professional life was profoundly shaped by my time at Bank Street College. I worked first in the school for children and later in the school for teachers. I later worked as a special educator, taught elementary school French, and later served as course instructor and student advisor and faculty member in the Graduate School.

As a psychoanalyst, my practice includes individuals, couples, families and institutional consultation. I served as faculty member and training analystfirst at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in New York City, and now at BGSP.

I continue to practice teach and study in this most challenging field. Dissemination of the results of our experiences and their applications to contemporary questions of violence and social practices is my main interest. The practice of individual psychoanalysis is forever the source of new insight and personal reward.