Linda Sklar, LICSW, Cert. Psya., Instructor, BGSP

Contact information
(617) 522-4881

Personal Statement
Before I began my studies in psychoanalysis at BGSP I worked in a variety of settings (mental health clinics, adolescent and family agencies, a college counseling center, private practice) and engaged in different clinical trainings (social work, family therapy). These experiences, extensive travel, and my own pursuit of cross cultural interests raised a number of recurring questions about human motivation, particularly why people continue to do things that bring them suffering and interfere with their having a fulfilling life. Modern psychoanalysis has provided me with tools to research this question and with a way of being in the here and now of the relationship that addresses the uniqueness of each person's journey.

Past certificate research work centered on studying tension states and their impact on mental functioning. Current doctoral work focuses on a resistance to cure, that is resistances to people freeing themselves from repetitions that cause unnecessary suffering. Another areas of interest is the intersection of Buddhism and psychoanalysis in clinical work.

Current classes taught
PT 111 Fieldwork Supervision