Jennifer Andrews

Ms. Andrews received her Master’s from BGSP in 1996, the same year that she started her current position as an Assistant Director of Student Services for six schools in Vermont. In this capacity she works with educators, teachers, administrators and parents in an effort to give children with special needs high quality programs.

“I supervise educators who work with disturbed children and adolescents. They need to be able to talk about their work and feelings without being judged, or even advised. I am seeing evidence that my application of modern psychoanalytic principles is helping prevent staff burnout. Teachers get a lot of training in specific kinds of instruction and behavioral techniques. But this is not meaningful in the long term if they do not have an emotional understanding of themselves and the children and other staff. I strive to bring that understanding to them.”

In addition, Ms. Andrews is called upon to mediate conflicts that often result in the Special Education teams. She has found that her training at BGSP has been essential to her understanding of aggression and her ability to deal with it. Ms. Andrews is a recent graduate of the Certificate Program at BGSP.