Helen Michael

Dr. Michael, a graduate of the Certificate Program, came to BGSP with a Master’s in Social Work from the Smith School of Social Work. She had been working at the Family Service of Greater Boston and found that although she had the breadth required to work with her patients, she was lacking the depth necessary to impact her patients. “I came to BGSP to understand how to work with resistances and not just cure symptoms. Symptoms tend to show up in other areas.”

The training at BGSP helped Dr. Michael achieve that goal. Her acquired understanding of how to work with resistances is currently being used to run analytic writing groups, which help people work through their writer’s block.

“Writing is such an isolating activity and the presence of others in the group provides the right kind of stimulation. Group members have been able to start previously blocked projects; others have been able to see their projects through completion. I see that therapy helps both in the resolution of blocks, and in the enrichment of the work itself.”

In addition to her focus on running writing groups, Dr. Michael has a private practice where she treats a broad range of resistances. She received her doctorate degree at BGSP.