Christopher Russell

When Christopher Russell began his Master’s Program at BGSP in Boston in 2001, he was employed as a captain in New York City’s top-rated, most prestigious restaurant group. By the time he graduated in 2003, he was a senior manager at the flagship. By 2004 he was the general manager, a position he retains today.

Mr. Russell attributes a great deal of his success as a leader directly to his analytic training. “I was taught how to listen for, identify and resolve resistances. This allows me take a step back and analyze what is really being communicated. By applying this understanding outside of the analytic chambers, I am fostering maturational communication amongst all departments, and reducing turnover, which is a major cost for any organization.” Along with managing current staff, Mr. Russell follows an analytic model when interviewing prospective candidates. “Having the tools to help someone to talk freely in a job interview unearths a great deal about a potential employee, and whether or not they will be a right fit for us, and us for them.”

In his role as general manager, Mr. Russell is often in a position to run conflict management groups for management and wait staff. Most recently he has been credited with resolving a major conflict amongst the line employee population that was leading towards legal action. Through the use of his analytic skills, full resolution was obtained, saving the restaurant an enormous amount of money. “You cannot be in business and be blind to the role aggression plays in our lives. Had I not had the training provided by BGSP, this situation would have been far more destructive to our company.” In 2006, the restaurant achieved record-breaking top line sales in its 22-year history. Mr. Russell is currently enrolled in the Certificate program at CMPS in New York.