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Diversity: A new concept in psychoanalytic training

Traditionally, in the United States, the study of psychoanalysis has been limited to an elite few, with most candidates holding medical degrees. Since its inception, one of BGSP’s primary goals has been to increase access to a psychoanalytic education, offering training to motivated students from all walks of life. Through its groundbreaking programs, BGSP has opened the doors to the study of psychoanalysis. We have admitted and trained qualified applicants from a wide variety of professional, racial, cultural, religious, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds.

The current BGSP student body, comprised of a significant percentage of international students, is quite heterogeneous, with students from Central and South America, Japan, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, and Europe, in addition to the U.S. and Canada. An impressive level of racial diversity, including students from a variety of backgrounds, has been achieved. Over one third of the students in the doctorate program and almost 40% of the students in the Master’s program are non-Caucasian. In addition to our racial and cultural diversity, BGSP students represent a wide range of professional backgrounds, including engineering, marketing, social work, education, nursing, writing, restaurant management, and high technology to name just a few.

Members of the faculty come from very different backgrounds as well, including education, medicine, social work, psychology, and sociology. Recent forays into applied psychoanalysis have expanded this list, providing students with a tremendous array of talented individuals who work in academia, in the consulting room, and in diverse community agencies.