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Modern Perspectives in Psychoanalysis

This twelve session course covers a variety of topics from a modern psychoanalytic point of view. It addresses elementary concepts of relationship formation, character development and the therapeutic interaction. Drive theory, dreams, addictions, psychosis and work with violent and suicidal patients are also discussed. Weekly topics presented by various BGSP faculty.

Begins: Friday, February 6, 2015; 5:00-7:00 PM; Twelve sessions every other week.

Faculty: Frances Bigda-Peyton, Cert. Psya.

For Continuing Education credit (24 CE's): $295; For academic credit (2 credits): $1,300

This course is designed to help you:
1. Describe the concept of transference and countertransference and apply to understanding of clinical case.
2. Compare and contrast Drive Theory as presented by Freud and Spotnitz and Meadow.
3. Discuss narcissism and aggression in a psychoanalytic frame.
4. Explain the concept of resistance as demonstrated in case material.
5. Describe the concept of character and character development in terms of preverbal conflict.
6. Discuss the role of dreams in understanding unconscious material.
7. Identify and discuss primitive defenses.
8. Discuss at least two Modern Psychoanalytic approaches to the treatment of groups, couples or families.

Application deadline: January 24, 2015
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