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Controversies in Psychoanalysis:

Contemporary Issues


August 4th - 7th

Wellfleet Elementary School, Wellfleet, MA


Conference meets 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM each day
Registration opens at 8:30 AM


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Monday, August 4th  – Who’s in the room and how?

  • Two person versus one person psychology, and now a third?  Use and abuse of the countertransference, what do we mean by intersubjective, the “field”?
  • Case presentations and discussion
  • Objectives: 
    1. Compare and contrast two person and one person psychology.
    2. Assess what is meant by abuse of countertransference.
    3. Define what is meant by "intersubjective" and the "field."

Tuesday, August 5th  – What drives us?

  • Contemporary motivation theory, does it exist? What comes from within, from without, and a combination of the two? Is the death drive dead?
  • Case presentations and discussion
  • Objectives:
    1. Define contemporary motivation theory.
    2. Discuss the controversy of motivation theory.
    3. Give examples from the case presentation of what comes from within and what comes from without.

Wednesday, August 6th  – Neosexualities: Does Anything Go?

  • How do current psychoanalysts think about homosexuality, “transgressive sexualities”, transgender identities? What’s “perversion”, “pathological”, neosexuality”?
  • Objectives:
    1. Discuss how current psychoanalysts think about homosexuality.
    2. Discuss how current psychoanalysts think about transgressive sexualities and transgender identities.
    3. Discuss what is meant by perversion and pathological neosexuality.

Thursday, August 7th  – Are we dead or alive?

  • Why the Need to Declare Psychoanalysis Dead? Psychoanalysis itself as controversial. What’s new? Where are we going?
  • Objectives:
    1. Discuss psychoanalysis as a controversial issue.
    2. Discuss new concepts in the field of psychoanalysis.
    3. Discuss the possible future of psychoanalysis.