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Getting a Driver’s License

Massachusetts Driver’s License: If you are on a student or dependent visa (F1/F2) and plan to drive in the U.S., you may apply for a Massachusetts driver's license. To obtain the application, visit your nearest Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) office or download the form here.

You will be required to present your valid passport, immigration documentation (I-20, I-94 etc.) and proof of residence in the state of Massachusetts such as utility bill, bank statement, or transcripts that contain your name and address. For more information about required documentation, go to here. You will be required to pass a written test, an eye screening and a road test in order to receive a license. There is a fee of $90.

You are required to have a valid Social Security number to apply for driver's license. If you do not have a valid Social Security number, you may present a written denial notice from the Social Security Administration explaining why you can't obtain a Social Security number.

International Driver’s License (IDP): Depending on your home country, you may be able to use a valid driver's license from your home country to drive in Massachusetts. If your home country's license is not issued in English, the first step is to obtain an International Driving Permit in your home country. The International Driving Permit is valid only for one year from your date of entry into the U.S. For more detailed information about driving with a foreign license, refer here.