Mara Sanadi Wagner, Psy.D., Cert. Psya., Assistant Professor, BGSP

Contact information
(617) 277-3915 x34

Personal Statement
My interest in theoretical depth and clinical mastery brought me from psychology to psychoanalysis. I am interested in how the truth can set us free, and in the many areas of life in which this can take place: psychoanalysis, literature, art, music, film…

My mixed cultural background draws my eye to overarching ways to understand human experience that partake of many traditions. I enjoy the kind of learning that can take place within and between people with opening minds.

Echo-location and the dynamics of containment
The uses of fantasy in psychoanalytic research

(1995) Book Review, Counterresistance: The Therapist's Interference With the Therapeutic Process, Gerald Schoenwolf. Northvale; N.J. Jason Aronson, Inc., 1993, 301 pages. In Modern Psychoanalysis, 1995, vol. 20 no. 20 pp. 118-121.
"The Man Who Mistook His Life For A Map," unpublished research study of the fantasies of a man seeking direction.

Current classes taught
Unconscious Fantasy and Delusion
Narcissism and Aggression
Womens' Voices in Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism