Joan White, Psya.D., Cert. Psya., Associate Professor, BGSP

Contact information
(617) 730-8497

Personal Statement
Dr. White is a certified psychoanalyst in the state of Vermont and has been a Certified Psychoanalyst since 1984 and a nationally certified addiction specialist. She is the Director of Clinical Studies at the Vermont Graduate School of Psychoanalysis, and has been a faculty member and training analyst at BGSP for 35 years. In addition to her private practice, Dr. White has maintained a practice at the Lynn Community Health Center for over 20 years. Through LCHC, Dr. White has also helped to institute psychotherapy in the Lynn public school system.

Due to her pioneering work accessing the emotional lives of children through acting workshops, Dr. White was awarded a scholarship from the University of Illinois School of Social Work for a master’s degree. After graduate school, Dr. White continued her work with children by developing “talking” programs for teenage gang members. Recently, Dr. White has developed the Program for Educators and Clinicians at BGSP, which offers seminars and conferences focused on child-related professions. Currently, she supervises therapists in the school-based program, which is jointly sponsored by BGSP and the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy.

Dr. White’s dissertation titled Life as Pain: Psychic Restructuring After Catastrophic Trauma, which explored the lasting effects of trauma on the psyche, led her to investigate the effect of such an unresolved crisis on the children of holocaust survivors from Cambodia.